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5 tips for a successful workation

Workation: A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and be more productive. HR Technologist

Working remotely, allows us to break borders and work from anywhere as long as we have two things: a laptop and a stable internet connection. However, productivity and results may not be achieved by everyone at the same extent. There are some good practices that you should know in order to make the most of your workation, without sacrificing your work results nor leisure plans. Take these tips into account and you’ll see that remote work does not necessarily mean working from home, it can actually be done equally successfully…. away from home. 

  1. Always plan around your work: Remembering you have to complete certain tasks is the most important element of ensuring you will have a productive time working from anywhere. Keep track of your schedule, and plan your days according to the things you need to complete each day. Once you have finished your daily tasks, relax and enjoy. 

  2. Be in constant communication with your colleagues and clients: Despite the distance or time zone differences, it is important to communicate even if it is only to check in. Be available, answer and offer calls or video calls in order to stay connected and in touch with coworkers. 

  3. Stick to your routine: Aside from completing your tasks and connecting with your colleagues, it is important to establish a daily routine while you are away. Try setting a wake up and sleep schedule, so that you can start your day on time and get enough rest to stay mentally and physically able work and travel successfully.

  4. Establish a working space or join a coworking space: Although you can choose to work from a café or a restaurant, joining a coworking space allows you to have a consistent work environment that’s more set up for productivity. Restaurants may have wifi, but perhaps not as stable, also you may find it hard to concentrate due to lots of noise from espresso machines and other people, which make having phone calls difficult. Joining a coworking space will allow you to meet other people with your same working mood. 

  5. Stay professional: Be conscious that your colleagues may not be traveling as well. So staying tuned on meetings avoid distractions and noisy places while on calls, and answer emails in the same cadence as usual in order to make your work from anywhere seamless. 

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