Quick and easy healthy-licious snacks while working remotely that you can actually take with you

Working remotely means you might be moving from one place to another and finding the right place to eat or snack during your working day is not always easy; or in the case you are working from home, it may take you a lot of time to prepare something that actually nourishes you. We can feel you, as it is very common we tend to eat whatever we first see in our pantry to save time that can be spent on our productivity tasks. Especially when trying to keep a healthy, balanced and nutrientful diet, which is key to maintain you fueled, keep your mood elevated, your mind sharp, and your waistline at bay. 

Eating healthy is often thought to be expensive, tasteless and not so practical, but here we will give you some healthy-licious snacks that are perfect for your budget but still easy to find, prepare and carry with you. It is very important to keep in mind that a real healthy snack should combine protein and/or fat with a fiber-filled carb in order to successfully boost your energy and skyrocket productivity, but you can obviously modify it according to your other meals’ nutrient intake.

  1. Nut Butter and Jam Sandwich: This is an all in snack (delicious, versatile and very easy to make). Pick your bread of choice, preferably one with a high content of fiber, spread some nut butter to one piece and your favorite jam to the other; if you want, you can add some banana or strawberry slices right in the middle and it will go level up. Then simply put the two pieces of bread together and take the sandwich to the griddle for a bit. For the grab and go version, just pack your sandwich and enjoy it later!

  2. Avocado Toasts: This is an all time favorite, not only because it’s quick and easy but because it is very tasty. Just toast your bread of choice preferably one with a high content of fiber, spread some avocado on it and add your favorite source of protein: poached/fried or scrambled egg, smoked salmon or turkey breast. And finally, add your favorite topping, might be hot sauce, red pepper flakes, salt + pepper or everything bagel seasoning. The grab and go version can be a sandwich. 

  3. Greek Yogurt Parfait with Nuts/Seeds and Berries: This is a very tasty snack that takes 5 minutes to get done, just layer yogurt with some berries and sprinkle some nuts/seeds or nut butter of your choice. You can also add some superfoods like goji berries and you’ll have an upgraded version. The grab and go version only needs a jaar with a lid, serve the yogurt, add the toppings and take it with you.

  4. Chia Pudding: There are endless combinations you can actually do. This is one of the most satisfying and filling snacks thanks to protein, fiber, and healthy fats in chia seeds. You just simply need to hydrate the chia seeds with your milk of choice for at least 2 hours and when ready, top it with any fruit, granola, and nuts/seeds you prefer. You can make a big batch and serve it, this will save you lots of time. The grab and go version only needs a jaar with a lid, serve the chia pudding, add the toppings and take it with you.

  5. No Bake Oatmeal Energy Balls: If you prefer sweet snacks this is the right snack for you! For the base simply take a bowl and mix very well some oats, nut butter of choice, maple syrup, your favorite mix- ins like chía seeds, pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds. Finally define your energy balls flavor and put the add-ins into the mixture (chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chopped almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, cinnamon, dates, etc… there are no limits just go creative). For the grab and go version, simply pack a few balls in a tupper and take it with you!

  6. Fruit + Nut Butter: If you want a simple but tasty snack, this is a great option. Just mix your favorite fruit with your nut butter of choice. Some yummy ideas are apple, banana and berries with peanut or  almond butter. For grab and go version take the whole fruit and pack some nut butter in a small tupper. 

  7. Hummus + Veggies: This is a great snack, especially if you like savory options. Veggies are mostly water so they’ll fill you up, but it’s important to mix it with some source of fiber, fats or protein so you don’t get hungry so soon. Hummus is rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and so combining these two is a great option to keep you fueled. Raw veggies go great with hummus, some of the ones that match best are carrots, celery, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. For the grab and go option pack some vegetables in a tupper and the hummus on a small one and that’s it.

  8. Popcorn + Pumpkin Seeds + Dark Chocolate: This one will become one of your favorite snacks for sure. Popcorn is very satisfying thanks to its fiber content. You can mix it with some seeds and dark chocolate and it will be a very nutritious trail mix. For the grab and go version just pack it on a tupper or ziplock bag.

These are just some ideas, but what’s really important is to show that eating healthy while working is absolutely possible and doesn’t have to be complex at all or super time consuming. As you see, these snacks are mostly done from scratch and finding the ingredients is not hard at all. 

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