Top 5 countries to move if you are a remote worker

Top 5 places to move if you are a remote worker


While being a remote worker you have the possibility of working from anywhere around the world. From the commodity of your home till the tranquility of the beach. You will find below the five most appealing destinations to move if you are a remote worker. And if you are not a remote worker you can become one. Do you want to work remote? Contact us, we can make it happen.


It is a big country, it offers a lot of things for citizens wellness, it is a beautiful touristic destination full of cultural aspects to enjoy, the weather is pleasant and it has beautiful beaches in which you can work remotely. It has some residence programs that make the process easier compared to other countries.


There is access to the Europe Union. You can obtain the non-habitual residence regime which is very good. The weather in Portugal is great. For some people it could seem a bit small or rural, but it tends to be appealing for people. 


It offers certain new programs of visa, the costs have decreased in the real estate sector due to a fall in the last tourism. It is a heavenly destination. 


It is clean, it has all the imaginable services for people interested, without any taxes. The only place that has a commonly good weather, a little bit cold at night. It is a place that has a trajectory that is constantly getting better and growing.


Even though the process of residence is not so easy in Colombia, it is a country that offers diversity in different spaces, weather, touristic destinations and a big amount of natural resources. It has been one of the more appealing places for remote workers.