How to stay productive


Set up a comfy desk

Setting up a comfortable work space is necessary for a productive day of work. You will find everything you need in a matter of seconds. You will be faster and you will have what you need at all times. You won’t be so easily distracted and you will eliminate the discomfort of being surrounded by gadgets you don’t need.  • Puedes darle un toque personal a tu escritorio sin necesidad de ser un desastre. Intenta tener cosas que te causen felicidad, pero siempre bien ordenadas.

Get a labtop stand

With a labtop stand eyes are about level with top of screen, screen is face on, central and not in direct glare. Arms are relaxed, the back makes contact with the back of the chair, feet are supported on the floor. By having a good posture your productivity can increase up to 10%, reveals a study conducted by the furniture design company Herman Miller.

Write down your top priorities for the day

It is a way of organizing yourself and your time so you are more efficient during the day and don’t miss any task that you have to do. This also helps in your personal life.