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Capital city:
🇨🇷 San José
5 million
Costa Rican Columbus

Taxes, onboarding and payments for remote teams in Costa Rica.

Hire, manage and pay the best talent in Costa Rica. We take care of contracts, documents taxes, and payments.

Save time, hire easily and quickly

Create easy contracts
Introducing smart contracts that work anywhere in the world.
Compliance made simple
Documents and tax filings made easy. We do it all for you. Sit back, relax and comply
Fast, smooth payments
Generate invoices and pay anywhere in the world with one click

Holidays in Costa Rica - 9 days



January 1

Universal Confraternization 

April 1/2

Maundy Thursday and Friday

April 11

Juan Santamaría Day

May 1

Labor Day

July 25

Annexation of the Nicoya Party

August 2

Virgen de los Angeles Day

August 15

Mother's Day and Assumption of the Virgin Mary

September 15

Independence Day of Costa Rica

October 11

Day of the Race

December 25

Christmas Day

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